“I love you everywhere & anywhere. Inside & outside & inside out. Top to bottom & bottom to top my dear.” Anon

This post has been long overdue, I didn’t want to write another sad reflection on missing the past. So, I decided not to write anything until I had something positive and funny to say. And dadada daaaa…

I am finally there! Only took a month but hey better late than never as many of my fav quotes keep alluding to.

I have started doing yoga every Monday night, I did practise yoga regularly but haven’t for a number of years now so getting back into it has been fun and challenging. I have found most people in the class take their practise very seriously and part of me admires this, but, another part of me just cracks up. For example during the warm up last week everyone was lying down still, having their minds eye examine their body and relax preparing for the class. When we were instructed to pull our knees up into our chest and rock side to side, the guy down the end let out a rip roaring fart! It was so loud and I just started chucking silently to myself but, no one else in the whole room had any reaction or made a sound. I couldn’t figure out whether I was just being immature or if I was not focused enough on my breathing. However, when 2 minutes later he did another louder fart I did audibly laugh and a girl across from me gave me the “teacher look” I know this look well being a teacher myself and just smiled back. Lesson learnt from last weeks class: don’t take yoga so seriously that you can’t giggle. (isn’t there a laughing type of yoga anyway?)

I have also started going to a gym every week day morning and doing whatever class is on. (Seeing a theme here?)  I was doing a Body Pump class, I’ve never tried it before and really enjoyed it. About half way through I realised that I was full on Cheshire cat grinning and throughly enjoying myself. I must admit that when I’ve herd that exercise releases endorphins and makes you feel happy I just believed that was an awesome marketing campaign that the exercise industry came up with and thought anyone who bought into it was a little bit gullible. (Can anyone say placebo effect?)

Well I am now that gullible girl pushing harder and lifting those weights with a grunt and a grin afterwards. Even though I may make old lady sounds when my acing body rolls out of bed at 5:30am I am grinning when sitting at my desk at 9am. XxCheshirecatdisney